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  • Monday, April 15, 2024

BofA: ‘Universal gloom’ in fund manager survey

The latest fund manager survey by BofA has found that a net 92% of survey participants expect a recession in Europe over the next twelve months up from 75% last month, ...

BofA: Analysis sees surprise future drop in inflation

A report by Bank of America Securities (BofAS), using its BofA Global Proprietary Signals, has found that the futures market is indicating that inflation will moderate ...

US inflation hits its highest level in three decades

Jonathan Baltora, head of sovereign, inflation and FX, AXA Investment Managers.

Sidi Shatku poached by BofA

Sidi Shatku, BofA.

The winners in the primary market

In the bond issuance markets, there have been a few subtle changes in the top five most successful banks for syndication, and less subtle change further out, according ...