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  • SS&C connects with Trumid to expand access to corporate bond liquidity

SS&C connects with Trumid to expand access to corporate bond liquidity

  • September 15, 2022

Order management system (OMS) provider SS&C Technologies has connected with bond market operator Trumid, so its clients can trade US and emerging market (EM) corporate bonds on the Trumid platform through Eze OMS.

Eze OMS clients can now source liquidity from Trumid's network, which it reports includes 650 buy- and sell-side institutions, gaining access to the market operators trading protocols and integrated market data and analytics tools, each designed to help unlock network liquidity and pricing.

More than 200 Eze OMS users reportedly manage bonds either exclusively or as part of a wider portfolio, with both hedge funds and traditional asset managers managing bond investments on Eze OMS.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Trumid," said Adam De Rose, director, product management, SS&C Eze. "Our fixed income clients are always looking for better ways of sourcing liquidity. Electronic trading in corporate bonds is seeing a lot of innovation, with new and existing protocols. We are committed to expanding our network of trading and connectivity partners and see Trumid, with its impressive growth in market share, as an important venue for our clients."

The collaboration expands SS&C Eze's existing suite of connected fixed income trading platforms to six, with three more in the pipeline.   

"We are excited to announce our integration with Eze OMS," said Bryan Harkins, chief revenue officer, Trumid. "We are dedicated to building an engaged and connected client network that thrives off liquidity and user participation. Integrations help advance this mission by broadening our reach and seamlessly bringing together diverse and actionable credit liquidity in one venue.”