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  • Parameta and PeerNova launch ClearConsensus price valuation for OTC derivatives

Parameta and PeerNova launch ClearConsensus price valuation for OTC derivatives

  • August 15, 2022

Parameta Solutions, the data and analytics division of TP ICAP Group, has partnered with PeerNova, a Silicon Valley data analytics and management company, to launch their consensus pricing service.

ClearConsensus is designed to be a transparent, high-fidelity consensus network for independent price valuation (IPV) for OTC derivatives. The service is intended to improve both business resilience and regulatory response by addressing the evolving risk environments for price valuation and control groups at banks globally.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with PeerNova,” said Eric Sinclair, CEO of Parameta Solutions. “By leveraging PeerNova’s technology, an agile data management and analytics platform, we can provide clients with deeper insights and a streamlined challenge process for more efficient and timely consensus. It is a great marriage between PeerNova’s technology and Parameta Solutions’ observable transactions data.”

ClearConsensus combines Parameta Solutions’ Evaluated Price (EvP) with PeerNova’s Cuneiform technology platform. ClearConsensus is directly introducing observable transactions data via the EvP, in an effort to improve the fair value waterfall process. The solution should provide visibility and transparency, while maintaining participant anonymity and data privacy. The final consensus price is supported via stringent data quality checks and an automated challenge process that incorporates additional participant data. Comparative, real-time analytics help identify market trends so clients can better optimise capital allocation, mitigate risk, and reduce cost of ownership. 

“We are very pleased to partner with Parameta Solutions and launch ClearConsensus,” said Gangesh Ganesan, founder and CEO of PeerNova. “As a leading provider of unique OTC content, with a global footprint in the derivatives market, Parameta Solutions will bring significant expertise when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements and enriching client data. Coupled with PeerNova’s data and analytics capabilities, our solution is uniquely positioned to improve the overall consensus process, helping clients better plan for the future.”

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