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  • LedgerEdge deploys on OpenFin

LedgerEdge deploys on OpenFin

  • June 21, 2022

LedgerEdge, the distributed ledger technology (DLT) bond trading platform, is deploying on OpenFin, the desktop interoperability service. LedgerEdge’s web-based graphic user interface (GUI) will be deployed on OpenFin, offering clients the opportunity to use LedgerEdge’s DLT- powered corporate bond trading platform alongside other FDC3-compliant trading applications and order management systems (OMSs).

LedgerEdge’s DLT is designed to allow traders to have control over their data and to use smart contracts to reveal only certain information, such as order and pricing, under specific conditions. By working with OpenFin, it should allow users to connect with other interoperable trading solutions quickly and easily.

OpenFin leverages the FDC3 interoperability standards to provide faster, more flexible access to other trading tools and applications than can be achieved if there is a need to build customised back-end integrations for each one. More than 3,500 applications reportedly run on OpenFin across 2,400 sell-side and buy-side firms in over 60 countries. Clients potentially from easier integration with all the solutions available on OpenFin, improving the onboarding process and user experience.

“The future of trading is digital and interoperable,” said David Nicol, CEO and co-founder of LedgerEdge. “End-user experience, interoperability and speed of deployment are all critical to driving adoption with front-office traders. We are thrilled to be working with OpenFin to seamlessly deliver this DLT-powered trading in a way that delights users and enables even easier integration.”
“LedgerEdge is introducing a new, innovative way for traders to engage with the market and access corporate bond liquidity,” said Mazy Dar, CEO at OpenFin. “We're excited to work with them as they use DLT technology to solve market structure problems in this fast-growing space.”

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