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  • Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Virtu Financial forms consortium to expand RFQ-hub

Virtu Financial, the market maker, broker and financial services technology provider, has formed formation of RFQ-hub Holdings to support the growth of RFQ-hub, Virtu’s ...

Flow Traders joins Neptune as first non-bank sell-side participant in Europe

Flow Traders will become the first non-bank sell-side participant in Europe on Neptune Networks, the fixed income platform for disseminating real-time axe data.

Flow Traders joins MarketAxess as named CP across US HY and Euro IG and HY

Flow Traders has committed to become a name-disclosed liquidity provider in US high yield corporate bonds, Euro-denominated investment grade and high yield bonds and ...

White paper: Is bond trading on the cusp of a change?

Ramon Baljé, Head of Fixed Income, FlowTraders, speaking at WBR's Fixed Income Leaders Summit, October 2021.

Is the market braced for another sell-off?

Traders are reporting the positive effects of innovation upon market liquidity but central banks hold all the cards. The association between the Covid 19 pandemic and ...

FILS 2021: Portfolio trading up threefold

Portfolio trading in fixed income has grown threefold in two years, data from Flow Traders reveal. Ramon Balje, head of fixed income at Flow Traders.

FILS 2021: The five big questions at FILS this year

1. When will we see a functional consolidated tape?