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  • Bloomberg and MSCI launch Paris-Aligned bond indices

Bloomberg and MSCI launch Paris-Aligned bond indices

  • April 20, 2022

Bloomberg and MSCI have launched indices in their joint Climate Benchmark offering with the Bloomberg MSCI Global, Euro and US Corporate Paris-Aligned Indices. These indices are designed to serve as a benchmark for investors to assess the performance of corporate bond holdings that seek to meet or exceed the minimum standards of the EU Paris-Aligned Benchmark (PAB) label.

The indices combine Bloomberg’s fixed income indices family with MSCI’s Climate data, research, and analytics for investment-grade, fixed-rate, and global, US or EUR-denominated corporate bonds.
To help ensure they meet the minimum PAB criteria, each index sets an initial 50% reduction of absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) relative to the standard Bloomberg parent (Euro, US, or Global) corporate index, followed by an annual 7.5% decarbonisation relative to the baseline emissions. These emissions reductions are achieved by excluding the largest GHG emitting companies.

“As global investors increasingly seek to align with the transition to a low-carbon economy, it is imperative that asset managers and exchange-traded fund (ETF) issuers have reliable, data-driven indices that can help quantify climate-specific risks and opportunities,” said Chris Hackel, index product manager at Bloomberg. “This joint offering provides the market with a transparent and systematic approach for investors to conform to global frameworks, and we look forward to working with clients to further customise off the foundation of these benchmarks to fit their individual investment strategies.”

The indices use an exclusions-based approach to achieve the required decarbonisation trajectory. The monthly exclusions process will establish the emissions threshold required to maintain compliance with the PAB label decarbonization trajectory for the following month.

“These Climate Fixed Income Indexes from MSCI and Bloomberg will enable investors to utilise MSCI’s industry-leading climate data while aiming to align with the Paris Agreement requirements of limiting global warming to no more than 1.5°C,” said George Harrington, global head of fixed income & derivatives, MSCI.

Bloomberg clients can access the indices on the Terminal using the following tickers: I37017 Index for the Bloomberg MSCI Global Corporate Paris-Aligned Index, I37023 Index for the Bloomberg MSCI Euro Corporate Paris-Aligned Index, and I37024 Index for the Bloomberg MSCI US Corporate Paris-Aligned Index.

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